People of all ages are invited to come play in our immersive hands-on center. We have toys, games, robots, arts and crafts, video games, virtual worlds, and so much more that everyone can enjoy.
Through our carefully curated activities you can gain exposure to some of the coolest gadgets on the market. We have things that everyone can enjoy. Discover your passion in programming, robotics, gaming, or art.
Learn about the world around you through an innovative play-centered STEAM curriculum. You can also learn about local creators who have utilized STEAM in their careers.

Now in the Findlay Market!

peoples libertyThe Digital Playscape is opening this Summer in the Findlay Market. We will be located in the People’s Liberty storefront from June 15th to August 4st.

The Digital Playscape will create a cohesive, immersive, and interactive STEAM learning experience enjoyable for all ages. Children and adults will be able to move freely from workstations, while being immersed in a digital experience that pays homage to retro science fiction decor. From Star Trek to Tron, our playscape pays homage to what made science cool while inspiring the next generation of STEAM innovators.

Now Open

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